Using Automatic Segmentation & Activity Monitor to Supercharge Your Campaigns

No matter your industry, the success of your mobile marketing campaigns depends on relevant targeting. A whopping 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide personalised, relevant offers over generic ones. And with PlotProjects’ new features, you can provide your app users with more personalisation than ever before.

Automatic Segmentation and enhanced Activity Monitoring lets you supercharge your geofencing campaigns by automatically segmenting your users based on their interests and mode of transportation. Easy to implement and customise, you can wow your customers with hyper-relevant notifications triggered by their exact method of transport.

Mobile app wit activity monitor PlotProjects

Get deeper insights into your user base

Your customers are all unique and different. When it comes to marketing there’s no one-size-fits all solution, which is why PlotProjects already offers an array of segmentation features. But with our new options, you can add yet another level of context to your campaigns, helping you nail your marketing budget and boost your conversion rate.

Automatic Segmentation and enhanced Activity Monitoring make it possible for you to collect and cultivate even deeper insights into your user base. In addition to our existing start/stop detection and extensive segmentation options, the Plot SDK will now automatically set and update certain segmentation properties based on the user’s mode of transport such as whether they’re walking, running, driving or cycling.

When Activity Detection is enabled, this new feature lets you gain the insights you need to create custom ultra personlized Audiences based on interests and exact transportation methods. Say goodbye to generic messages, and wow your users with hyper-relevant, context-aware push notifications triggered at the exact moment they start or stop travelling. Clever eh!

Keep up with your customers however they’re travelling

Easy to customise, these handy features work together allowing you to keep up with your customers wherever they are and however they’re travelling. Send them the notifications they need while they’re on the go, and you’ll supercharge campaigns and conversion rate.

Here’s how it works in the real world. If you’re a sportswear app you could create a geofence around a city and set it to trigger only when the user is running, walking or cycling. Your users will be automatically segmented into categories like ‘frequent runner’ or ‘frequent bike rider’ and targeted with personalised offers such as running shoes or crash helmets.

The feature can automatically detect when the mode of transport or ‘activity’ changes from, say, walking to riding a vehicle and vice versa. So, if you’re a parking app you can detect when a user stops driving and starts walking away from their car, then send them a notification reminding them to buy a parking ticket. 

Automatic Segmentation and transport detection PlotProjects

Engage users with hyper-relevant notifications

Geofencing allows you to send automated messages to your app users who enter or leave your geofenced areas. And now, with Automatic Segmentation and Activity Monitor, you can get even deeper insights into your users activities for smarter segmentation.

These insights help you add an extra layer of context to your messages, allowing you to offer better, more relevant location-based notifications and experiences to your app users. Here’s a look at how our new features work.

Activity Monitoring

  • Start/Stop Detection (existing feature)
  • Detecting mode of transport and activity changes (enhanced feature)

Along with Stop/Start Detection, enhanced Activity Monitor is now able to detect specific activity values such as Automotive, Cycling, Stationary, Walking or Running and when those values change from one to another. For instance, when a user’s current activity changes from walking to riding a vehicle, and so on.

Automatic Segmentation

  • Used in combination with Activity Monitor, Automatic Segmentation automatically creates audiences based on the user’s mode of transportation or activity. 
  • This allows you to create Audiences based on interests and transportation methods, and send hyper-relevant notifications triggered by activity. 

For example, if a user drives often, runs often or uses their bike often, Automatic Segmentation will put them into segments such as ‘frequent runner’, ‘frequent driver’ and so on. As distinct groups, these audiences respond to very different advertisements, so you can differentiate and personlise your messages accordingly. 

What’s more, you’ll know when one activity switches to another, so you’ll gain even deeper insights

Check In/Check Out (BIBO) 

Used in conjunction with our improved beacons offering, these features also offer up a wealth of opportunities for automatica Check In/ Check Out on public transport or anywhere you need to detect customer activity for proof of entry or purchase. Even underground.

Things for clients/app developers to know

  • PlotProjects SDK can now set up and update certain segmentation properties automatically for example, if activity detection is enabled, the software will automatically update a segmentation property with the relevant key to get the value of the user’s current activity.
  • The latest release also supports activity monitoring and region triggers on user’s activity change. In addition, there are improvements for beacons including performance and stability improvements, and support beacon distance on Android using Alt Beacons (require additional configuration). You can see our latest release notes here.

How to set it up

  • Segmentation can be customized. You can determine the conditions, for instance, Segmentation occurs for anyone/everyone who uses their bike at least one time. Or, it can be set so that Segmentation only occurs if the person has cycled more than 3 times in the last month.
  • You should also set up ‘Listening Campaign’s. This is an existing feature that helps apps gather insights about their users, such as how often they visit a specific place such as a coffee shop. If the person visits a lot, you can segment them based on this Campaign History as say, ‘coffee lovers’.
  • The client can send notifications and/or they can feed this data to their Marketing Automation Platform
  • Example: PlotProjects SDK detects that a person runs often. They’re automatically categorized into the ‘runner’ segment. Clients can set up notification campaigns in Plot dashboard to send offers for running shoes, athletic wear, healthy restaurants etc. This can be fed to their MAP platform and followed up with an email drip campaign or other.

How apps can use it to target hyper relevant notifications 

Here’s a look at how Automatic Segmentation, enhanced Activity Monitor and improved Beacon precision can be used by apps in the real world. 

Automatic segmentation and activity monitoring can help you engage your app users

Real-world use cases and examples 

Voucher apps

If you are a voucher app you can use the features to detect user activity such as driving, cycling, walking or running, then target your users with hyper-relevant deals and discounts based on their interests and current activity.

Retail apps

Retail apps can use these features to automatically segment users by their mode of transport. For instance ‘frequent runners’ might be interested in more expensive and durable products than someone who doesn’t run very often.

Meet up apps

If a ‘meet up’ app was using the Plot SDK it could detect if a person runs or walks often and could automatically segment to send push notifications to run club meetups or walking groups.

Gas discount apps

Gas discount apps can use the software to send deals and discounts to frequent drivers. They can configure the app to send notifications to users who drive their car X amount of times per week. They can also upsell car washes, mechanical work and so on.

Transport apps

Transport, airline and parking apps can use PlotProjects SDK to detect when a user is riding a vehicle and when they stop. Thanks to improved beacon precision, highly accurate automatic Check-In Check Out is now possible – it can even detect underground.

Apps with Curbside Pickup / Click and Collect 

Automatic Segmentation, enhanced Activity Monitor and improved beacon precision can be used by supermarkets, restaurants and other retailers who offer mobile ordering and drive-up collection. It can detect when a customer is X miles away and get the order ready for collection (also using geotrigger handler). It can also detect when they arrive and where they park.

Plot SDK helps you keep up with your customers however they're travelling

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get started, you’re in the best hands. Unlike our competitors, the PlotProjects SDK can now do everything for automatic segmentation and activity monitoring. This includes start/stop detection, activity monitoring to detect mode of transportation, automatically create segments, and send push notifications within our own platform. 

Additionally, we offer the option for clients to connect with the third-party platform of their choice if they wish, enabling them to send follow up email campaigns and more. 

You can check out our new features in our documentation for iOS or Android. Or contact us if you want to find out more. 

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