Best Delivery Management Software in 2023 – Free and Paid

Finding the best delivery management software is no easy task. With the vast array of options available and the complexity of features offered, it can be difficult to choose the best delivery management software for your specific needs. 

At PlotProjects, we’re getting more and more requests from prospects about the use of geofencing in delivery management apps, and which provider to choose. So, we’ve compiled this guide to help you find the top solutions on the market based on pricing, ease of use, and key features such as geofencing, real-time GPS tracking, route optimisation, proof of delivery, and more.

The best delivery management software

Best Delivery Management Software in 2023


  • Best delivery management software
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use platform
  • Pricing starting from $12/month

Locate2u is a comprehensive delivery platform that offers cutting-edge features and top-rated customer service. With its all-in-one solution, businesses can easily streamline delivery processes, track fleets, and optimize routes on the go. Real-time GPS tracking and geofencing allow for live monitoring of driver locations and efficient route optimization, backed by current weather and traffic data.

Locate2u’s schedule and dispatch management tools enable quick planning, scheduling, and dispatching of deliveries, accompanied by real-time alerts and live ETAs to customers. Electronic signature capture ensures easy collection of proof of delivery through the mobile app. While detailed reports and analytics provide valuable insights into delivery operations.

Whether managing a small local delivery service or a large national enterprise, Locate2u caters to all needs, reduces costs, and wows customers. Pricing plans start from just $12 per month, including robust features and dedicated support. And the free trial makes it easy to get started, requiring no credit card information.


  • Free delivery management software
  • Simplifies operations for couriers and small businesses
  • Free basic plan. Paid plans start from $29/month

Shipday is a powerful dispatch and delivery tracking software that simplifies operations for restaurants, couriers, grocery stores, and small businesses. With its unified platform, it’s easy to efficiently plan orders, manage drivers, and send real-time alerts to customers. The software enables supervisors to upload delivery data, locate addresses on a map, identify optimal routes, and assign orders to drivers based on specific requirements.

Couriers using Shipday get comprehensive visibility into order status, pickup and drop-off locations, payment details, distance, delivery time, and more through a centralized dashboard. Customers can easily track their orders using a live URL, receive text message updates on delivery status, and conveniently pick up shipments by checking the online tracking page. 

It comes with a handy mobile app that allows drivers to capture proof of delivery, access their work queue, view addresses and order details, and more. The platform also offers reporting capabilities, ETA tracking, timestamps, and customizable branding options. 


  • Best cloud-based delivery platform
  • All-in-one proof of delivery app
  • Pricing starting from $29/month

Track-POD is a cloud-based system that simplifies pickup and delivery logistics management. It offers features like route optimization, courier tracking, real-time notifications, electronic proof of delivery, and comprehensive analytics. With its intuitive dashboard, you can streamline end-to-end logistics, from customer communication to driver dispatch, all in one place. 

The system ensures accurate order handling with its built-in barcode scanner, while customizable templates make it easy to meet specific customer requirements. The platform provides valuable analytics and reports for performance analysis and tracks key indicators like delivery in full and on time (DIFOT). 

Track-POD’s quick implementation and user-friendly driver app make it accessible for teams of all levels of technical expertise. The additional Route Manager app enables real-time courier tracking and efficient route and order management.


  • UK-based delivery management platform
  • Employs global mapping data
  • Pricing from £149/month

One of the best delivery management software providers in the UK, Route4Me is available as a native mobile app on iOS and Android. It provides a user-friendly platform to create, manage, and share optimized routing plans. With global mapping data, users can generate optimized routes in any country and efficiently map, search, and categorize customers’ addresses. 

The software allows for simultaneous uploading of thousands of customer details, as well as region drawing, and specifying visit times. Users have the flexibility to re-assign drivers, switch address routes, and track real-time route progress. It also offers quick and centralized access to multiple routes and drivers, providing a convenient overview of business operations. 

With data visualisation and reporting, users can gain actionable insights into business performance. The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, enables capturing eSignatures, taking photos, adding notes, and receiving instant notifications for updates.


  • Best delivery management software with advanced features
  • Ideal for multi-day, long-haul routes
  • Pricing starting from $35/month

OptimoRoute simplifies field and delivery services through advanced route optimization. With its sophisticated algorithms, it plans and optimizes routes within seconds, catering to your unique needs and workflows. The user-friendly interface offers a plethora of customizable features, allowing you to scale up or down and try new functionalities as your business grows.

Drivers and service teams can easily access schedules, navigate on the go, and track location and job completion using the app on their iPhone, Android, or tablet. The app seamlessly captures key information such as signatures, photos for proof of delivery, or service notes. While customers also benefit from real-time updates.

Customer service is readily available through email or phone support. And getting started is a breeze with a 30-day free trial, and a range of pricing options catering to businesses of all sizes, from Starter to Business and Enterprise plans.


  • Best for last-mile delivery management
  • A wide range of features
  • Pricing starting from $500/month

Onfleet delivery software offers a range of powerful features to streamline and optimize last-mile delivery operations. With its intelligent route planning and optimization, you can calculate the most efficient routes based on distance, traffic conditions, and delivery priorities.

Its wide range of features include auto-dispatching for automating task assignments to drivers based on their location, availability, and capacity. Along with real-time driver monitoring using GPS tracking. Drivers can capture proof of delivery through photos, signature capture, and barcode scanning. While automated customer notifications keep customers informed about their delivery status, including live ETAs and real-time updates.

Onfleet’s analytics and reporting tools provide insights into delivery performance, driver efficiency, and key metrics. The software also offers seamless integration with various systems and platforms, including e-commerce, inventory management, and order management systems. However, it comes with a hefty price tag starting at $500/month.

Benefits of Using Delivery Management Software

Using the best delivery management software offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery operations. Here are some key advantages:

  • Streamlined operations: You can automate and centralize various aspects of the delivery process, including route planning, dispatching, and tracking. This streamlines operations, reduces manual errors, and saves valuable time for both businesses and drivers.
  • Optimal route planning: Advanced algorithms and optimization capabilities enable delivery management software to determine the most efficient routes, thus reducing travel time, minimizing fuel consumption, and improving overall productivity.
  • Real-time tracking and communication: With geofencing and GPS tracking, businesses can monitor the exact location of their drivers in real-time. This allows for improved coordination, customer communication, and accurate ETA updates. It also means customers can track their deliveries and receive notifications.
  • Proof of delivery and accountability: Delivery management systems often include features for capturing proof of delivery, such as digital signatures or photo capture. This provides evidence of completed deliveries, resolves disputes, and ensures accountability.
  • Data insights and reporting: The best delivery platforms can generate valuable data and analytics, providing insights into delivery performance, driver efficiency, and customer behavior. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Efficient and transparent delivery operations contribute to a positive customer experience. Accurate tracking, timely notifications, and seamless communication foster trust, satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Best Delivery Management Features to Look Out For

When evaluating delivery management software, there are several key features to look out for that can greatly enhance your processes and efficiencies. Here are the top features to consider:

Route optimization

Advanced route optimization algorithms that calculate the most efficient routes based on multiple factors such as distance, traffic, weather, and delivery priorities. 

Real-time tracking

Geofencing and GPS tracking capabilities provide real-time visibility into the location of delivery vehicles. This allows you to monitor your fleet, track deliveries, and provide accurate ETA updates to customers.

Dispatch management

Tools that streamline the dispatching process, enabling you to assign tasks, track driver progress, and make real-time adjustments as needed. 

Proof of Delivery

Look out for features that help you capture proof of delivery through digital signatures, photo capture, or barcode scanning.

Customer communication

Automated notifications and real-time updates can help you keep your customers informed about their deliveries. Great customer communication equals happy customers!

Analytics and reporting: 

You’ll need a platform that offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, providing insights into delivery performance, driver productivity, and other key metrics. 

Integration capabilities

Make sure your solution has the ability to integrate with other systems such as e-commerce platforms, inventory management software, or CRM systems. 


What is delivery management software?

Delivery management software is a technology solution that helps businesses efficiently plan, track, and optimize their delivery operations. It includes features such as route optimization, real-time tracking, dispatch management, proof of delivery, and customer communication tools to streamline the entire delivery process.

How is geofencing used in delivery software and how does it work?

Geofencing is a crucial feature in delivery management software, enabling businesses to set virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as delivery zones. It allows for real-time monitoring and triggers automated actions when a driver enters or exits a designated geofenced area, such as a notification to the recipient. 

Geofencing can also be utilized for things like automatically opening gates at factories or notifying drivers about important points of interest along their route, like nearby gas stations for cost-effective refuelling or recharging. Overall, it streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and provides valuable insights into delivery status and performance.

How can delivery management software benefit my business?

Delivery management software offers several benefits, including improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased productivity. It automates tasks, optimizes routes for time and cost savings, provides real-time tracking and updates for better coordination, and captures proof of delivery for transparency and accountability.

Is delivery management software suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, delivery management software can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. The features and scalability of the software can be tailored to meet the specific needs and volumes of deliveries for businesses of different sizes.

Can delivery management software integrate with other systems?

Yes, many delivery management software solutions offer integration capabilities. They can integrate with various systems such as e-commerce platforms, inventory management software, CRM systems, or order management systems. 

Is training required to use delivery management software?

Most delivery management software solutions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. However, some training may be required to fully utilize all the features and functionalities of the software. Many providers offer training resources, documentation, and customer support to assist businesses in getting up to speed with using the software effectively.

What is the best delivery management software on the market?

Looking at the options in this list, Locate2u is the best delivery management software on the market, offering a range of cutting-edge features, dedicated customer support, and great-value pricing plans. Unlike many other providers, Locate2u offers all the essentials, as well as additional in-built geofencing to improve the accuracy of last-mile deliveries. If you want to find out more about Locate2u, then contact the team today.

Want to learn more about geofencing?

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